The new and improved ParkOne 2 is ready for the Christmas shopping season!

ParkOne 2 sets the standard for how a modern electronic parking disc must act and look.

The new parking disc is based on the hugely popular ParkOne and is the result of consumer feedback, and many hundreds of test hours.

ParkOne 2 is, like its predecessor, designed by designer John Sebastian. The design is minimalist and elegant, and the emphasis is on the visual to make it as thin as possible. The inner display is angled so that it is easy to see and read the digits. A centrally located button at the back balances at the same time the functionality and perfect shape in a degree that is rarely seen during product design.

A lot of time and hard work has been put in to creating ParkOne 2, and the result speaks for itself.

ParkOne 2 will hit stores in October / November in 6 fantastic colors and is ready for Christmas sales.

ParkOne 2 Sand Gold