Our most advanced and elegant electronic parking disc yet

ParkOne X


Stylish, discrete and user-friendly Traffic alarm

Drive One

Sustainable solar-powered Parking Disc!

ParkOne Solar

Park Life

The Parking Disc that never needs battery change.

Park Life

ParkOne 2 Alpine White

ParkOne 2

ParkOne exclusive Metal

ParkOne Exclusive

ParkOne Metal


Park Mini
Park Lite

Park Lite

ParkOne 2 Carbon Black logotryk MERCEDES
Park Mini logotryk AUDI

Electronic parking discs from Needit

Needit is the leading supplier of electronic parking discs in Denmark and across the globe. The sustainable solar-powered ParkOne Solar with the rechargeable battery, The Parking Disc that never needs battery change Park Life, Optimal design and functionality – ParkOne 2, Classic parking disc – ParkOne, Cost-effective – Park Lite, The world’s smallest – Park Mini and The elegant – ParkOne exclusive.

Our parking discs are developed to help you avoid parking tickets and fines for parking in limited-stay car parks for too long. Our Danish design parking discs are approved by the Danish traffic authority and are imprinted with their respective approval codes (FS46, FS05, FS11, FS17, FS21, FS26 and FS29).

Needit products are designed a developed with focus squarely on user-friendliness and aesthetics.